ICE MD Mark Bresnihan, gives a brief introduction to ICE's comprehensive range of award winning products

ICE enjoys a number of strong and established supply chain relationships. Balancing continuity of supply with independence means that we can deliver you the right cleaning product at the right price.

No single manufacturer offers the best product for every job, whether you need a tub vacuum or a road sweeper. Yet our philosophy isn’t one of a supermarket style offering; we competitively select the best suppliers. We’re committed to our business partners in Switzerland, with Cleanfix delivering our core product offering. The ICE Group also owns Cleanfix UK.

Our Range


The Cleanfix range is exclusive to ICE customers in the UK. Their dynamic, innovative products are at the forefront of cleaning technology.

From user-friendly scrubber dryers and sweepers to steam cleaners, carpet shampooers, floor polishers and vacuum cleaners, Cleanfix floor cleaning machines combine uncompromising performance with renowned Swiss quality.

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Trade Cleaning Machines

Offering huge savings on nearly new cleaning machines, TCM supplies fully refurbished premium brands with warranties available and great savings from the cost of new.  TCM has over 1000 items in stock, ranging from road sweepers to pressure washers.  Most equipment is less than 3 years old and in great condition due to regular servicing, with warranties available.

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Industrial products

For heavy duty industrial kit, look no further. ICE offer global best when it comes to large ride on sweepers, scrubbers and combination machines.

Built to satisfy the most demanding conditions with powerful cleaning and excellent drying performance, innovative design provides reliable, ergonomic machines that can be operated effortlessly. Most operate at low noise levels with no reduction in performance, and all power options are available including battery, diesel and LPG.

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Specialist products

Our specialist ranges include high pressure washers and steam cleaners, trailer mounts and escalator cleaners.

Working in partnership with our suppliers, to continuously develop the technology we use, gives our clients innovative equipment, often on a bespoke scale. 

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Equipment Range - Product Specs

PDF specification sheets are available for all machines in our equipment range.  Click the name of the machine to view the document.


Dryver Dry Vacuum

CHPro 38 Upright Vacuum

Numatic RSB 140 Battery Back Vacuum

SW21 Combi Wet & Dry Vacuum

Logic 20 Wet & Dry Vacuum

Logic 30 Wet & Dry Vacuum

Logic 40A Wet & Dry Vacuum

Steam Cleaners

SDV 4500

SDV 8000


Carpet Cleaners

TW Compact


Pedestrian Scrubber Dryers

RA 35 (Disc)

RA 35 (Cylindrical)

RA 431 IBC

RA 501 IBC

RA 505 IBC


RA 651 B

RA 801 B

Pedestrian Sweepers

KS 650 IBC




Single Disc Machines


Low Speed Rotary (200)

High Speed Rotary (400)

Duo Speed Rotary

50-1500 Ultra High Speed Rotary


Ride On Scrubber Dryers

Sauber 800

Sauber 900


Ride On Sweepers

CS 700

KS 1100 B




X46 Excalator Cleaner