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With over 45 years' experience, ICE is proud to be leading the market with a wide range of future friendly cleaning equipment solutions. Our customer focused model, along with the innovative services and products we offer, continues to set the standards for our industry.

As an ICE customer you can take advantage of our nationwide network of engineers, providing same day call-out, 7-days a week, underpinned by a 24/7 dedicated customer support. We provide a Repair or Replace programme for equipment, with ongoing service plans, for your entire fleet of equipment.

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Emprise employs Robo 40 at Royal Albert Hall

Streets ahead of conventional scrubber dryers, the Cleanfix Robo 40 is one of the most advanced cleaning systems currently available...

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Forth Valley Royal Hospital wins award with robotic technology

Technologically advanced Cleanfix Robo 40 helps meet 21st century healthcare provision.

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ICE delivers for the UK’s largest postal service

The team at ICE demonstrated sheer determination and customer commitment by providing over 700 machines to almost 400 postal sites in just one week!

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ICE helps Emprise plc stay centre stage

ICE recently assisted its client Emprise Services plc, to retain and expand its contract with the Ambassador Theatre Group (ATG).

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Thistles Shopping Centre, Stirling Scotland

Dougland is one of the leading cleaning service providers in the shopping centre environment

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One of the largest corporate fashion retailers appoints ICE with new battery technology machine for stores cleaning across 750 locations.

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Emprise employs Robo 40 at Royal Albert Hall

Streets ahead of conventional scrubber dryers, the Cleanfix Robo 40 is one of the most advanced cleaning systems currently available and represents a major advance in mechanical cleaning. 

This state-of-the-art robotic compact scrubber dryer automatically navigates and cleans without any manual intervention. Using minimal water, it can leave an area of 1200m2 sparkling in 3 hours and will work unsupervised for more than double this duration, allowing for a single top-up of water.  The super-efficient battery recharge of just 180 minutes allows a double run every day, leaving personnel free to work on other areas. It’s an attractive option for use in situations where labour shortages for cleaning staff are a problem, or where cleaning costs need to be controlled.

The Robo 40 presented the perfect solution to the maintenance challenges faced by the Royal Albert Hall, one of the UK’s most esteemed concert halls.  The flexible scheduling of over 360 high profile events each year meant that a specialised cleaning service was required to meet the prestigious venue’s needs, and the autonomy of the Robo sealed the deal for the operations team.

ICE helps Emprise plc stay centre stage

Following a competitive tender process, ATG appointed Emprise to supply cleaning and associated services across its entire estate. The 39 impressive venues are located throughout the UK, from established theatres in London’s West End to regional venues accommodating all types of performances, from music bands and children’s shows to ballet and orchestral events.

A smooth transition from ordering to delivering
The flexibility of ICE’s support programme allowed a rapid bespoke response to the specific needs of unusual venues. Within just two weeks, Emprise staff at all ATG venues were mobilised, trained and fully operational, ready for day one of the new contract. ICE’s support network covered all areas of the UK, providing delivery and training in every venue, and a national team for service aftercare.

Innovation sets ICE apart, and is also a significant part of Emprise bids to distinguish them in the contractor market. ICE supported Emprise with the latest technology; the machines offered are the most up to date, reliable and fit for purpose, to ensure a great performance all round. 

Consistent savings
The successful execution of this contract was also reliant upon providing equipment with productivity savings, allowing Emprise to deliver consistently high cleaning standards to the Ambassador Theatre Group. According to Jenny Bates, Operations Director for Emprise, these features are “all part of what makes our relationship with ICE work so well”.

"With a large, varied and challenging contract such as this, success comes from working together to come up with one solution for our clients,” says Jenny. “ICE takes the worry away, and their service stands out from the rest; it’s innovative, supportive and reactive to our needs."

Thistles Shopping Centre, Stirling Scotland

Project details
Dougland is one of the leading cleaning service providers in the shopping centre environment and continually strive to bring innovation and service delivery enhancements to its clients. This approach, described as “ Centre of Excellence” brings together all the best practices and procedures into one location to truly focus on providing the very best customer experience in a retail environment.

Dougland’s cleaning operatives are customer care professionals and received up scaled training to achieve the company’s objectives for Thistles shopping centre. Work wear, equipment and products were all carefully chosen to enhance service delivery vision, positive hospitality and customer interaction was encouraged and a can do attitude was adopted by the entire team.

ICE Solution/Innovation
The challenge to bring Dougland’s vision into reality was wholeheartedly supported by the team at ICE. The brief was to provide an effective, productive cleaning equipment package for the out of hours operation and to provide a day cleaning solution that was both effective and supported Dougland’s customer care philosophy. 

ICE provided a Comac Ultra 85 ride on sweeper scrubber dryer with its unique scrubbing system which delivered excellent results in the challenging large car park areas. This cleaning equipment was also able to integrate into the height restrictive and minimum storage facilities. ICE also provided and customised some unique Janitor trolleys, which become both a mobile cleaning station and a mobile information desk.

Main outcomes/benefits
Customer satisfaction levels have reached an all-time high and cleaning costs have reduced. Staff retention is now 100%, therefore reducing training and recruitment costs and people really enjoy working for and at the Thistles shopping centre.

Barrie Richards
Commenting on this project, Barrie Richards, Dougland’s Managing Director said: “ICE met the challenge head on. The team are innovators themselves and met our high standards with real enthusiasm and commitment and helped us deliver our vision. They implemented equipment changes which made massive improvements.”

Forth Valley Royal Hospital wins award with robotic technology

The new Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Larbert, Scotland is one of the most modern in Europe, using innovative technology for many of its support services. The hospital boasts the first robotic system in the UK to deliver supplies such as linen and food and has an automated pharmacy.

Serco has been using the technologically advanced Cleanfix Robo 40 in its hospital corridors and clinics to support them with the requirement to maintain a hygienically clean environment. Cleanliness is of critical importance in hospitals, serving the dual purpose of ensuring spotless surfaces and assisting with infection prevention and control.

Mike Mackay, Serco’s Contract Director said, “The use of effective innovative technology is an important aspect of any business in 21st century healthcare provision. The Robo 40 allows the cleaning operative to focus on other surfaces and tasks, whilst the robot takes care of the flooring.”

This new, state-of-the-art robotic compact scrubber dryer is one of the most developed cleaning systems available. Equipped with an automatic navigation system, it is ideal for cleaning large areas of up to1200m2 without any manual intervention, leaving personnel free to work on other areas. Built in infrared sensors alert the Robo 40 to the proximity of anything in its way, meaning obstacles are avoided and driven around. This innovative system is extremely user friendly and has three modes of operation – spiral, hall and corridor programmes. 

The Robo 40 also meets the hospital’s environmental obligations, using minimum water and chemical content to clean and dry. Its 28 litre water tank leaves an area of 1200m2 gleaming in just a few hours and its twin counter rotation cylindrical brushes and optimum suction performance result in a perfect clean. Ten minutes start up time is sufficient to begin cleaning areas the size of a triple gymnasium. The unique battery technology reduces battery recharging time to just three hours and provides a six hour run time.

Innovative use of robotic technology within its facilities has resulted in The Forth Valley Royal Hospital winning the estate management category in the Building Better Healthcare Awards 2011.

Large fashion retailers appoints ICE with new battery technology machine for stores, cleaning across 750 locations.

Daytime cleaning is an issue that has been haunting the cleaning industry for decades. A brand new and innovative solution has been sought to meet the very real challenges in this area.

One of the largest and best known fashion retailers have approached this problem hands on, by appointing ICE to provide them with  new battery technology in the RSB140 Battery Back Vacuum. 

The client holds strong principles in protecting the planet. To keep in line with this, ICE were able to provide an advanced solution.  This client required equipment which would ensure cleaning could take place during operating hours. ICE has been able to fulfil the client’s need, by providing silent vacuums. This meant the client was able to cut costs, by having the stores cleaned during daytime hours. Therefore this solution was cost-effective for our client.

The client also wanted all assets personalised. All tenders needed to be sent to the client accordingly with the appropriate branding on them.  This included having the client’s presence on all equipment. ICE provided this on all 750 assets all of which were fully branded before delivery.

There are a number of key features the RSB140 has, that make it a leading asset in the cleaning industry. The RSB140 has a power of 36v -ithium polymer, an airflow of 20L/Sec and capacity of 6 litres. It weighs in at only 7.3kg. The power unit is able to operate at different voltages without user adjustment.

The first feature is a bevelled crevice tool. This helps to protect furnishing and floors from damage. This client was able to protect their store floors. As an extra, ICE had catered for this. Due to ICE’s forward thinking, and belief in Service Through Innovation, ICE have tackled an issue before it came to light, all for the benefit of the customer.

Another key feature is the convenience of this product.  The telescopic wand for the RSB140 extends from its length of 45” to 60”, positively locking at 1.00” intervals in between. This is ideal for working overhead without user strain. This enables convenience for cleaning team members; who are able to clean the difficult to reach areas.

Another feature is the unique design of the hard floor tool. This is made with horsehair. This unique design uses a side to side sweeper motion, rather than traditional forward and back motion. This side to side sweeper motion will encourage cleaning team members to stand upright, and the use of a straight wand, rather than traditional “S” or “J” wand systems used with traditional tools.

These tools have found great favour with contract cleaners for their ability to increase productivity and detail in tight spaces. This enhances service delivery. The flexible neck permits the tool to flex 90 degrees to the wand. This allows the tool to vacuum across the tool width, vacuum with the end on, and to vacuum vertical surfaces with equal effectiveness. The 18” hard floor tool excels at any hard floor clean up – easily navigating around and under furniture.

ICE have actioned more than our client’s basic requirement; exceeding this by understanding the constraints faced by the environment. ICE understands that a requirement is not the only matter, other aspects are important to the process. ICE illustrates its thinking outside the box, by not only providing a solution, but also knowing this solution will be cost-effective for this client. 

ICE delivers for the UK’s largest postal service

The team at ICE demonstrated sheer determination and customer commitment by providing over 700 machines to almost 400 postal sites in just one week!

Through our long-standing customer, Servest, we were awarded the contract to supply machines to postal warehouses, superstores, Head Offices and local stores. 

The scale of the challenge was not only in delivering such a large amount of machines to extremely tight timescales, but also the fact that they were spread throughout the entire UK.

Our experienced Business Support Team also provided full machine training to the larger stores, covering a total of 31 machines in one week.

Stuart Rutledge, Project Manager at Servest was extremely pleased with the success of the roll-out, saying “ICE scored 100% across the board from delivery, to training and after sales support. When requirements changed at 23:59 the night before go-live for a key site, the new equipment was delivered and set-up with staff trained ready for a 07:00 start that morning. If Carlsberg made Industrial Cleaning Equipment…” 

Tom Richards, Account Manager for ICE said “this was my first major roll-out since joining ICE, and all in all it was a great success. Delivering hundreds of machines to nearly 400 stores within a week was always going to be challenging, and the commitment of the ICE team was tremendous.”

 Once again, ICE team have pulled together and proved that we are truly committed to delivering for our customers.